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Watching TV in the Student Lounge

The Max and Sadie Friedman student lounge is equipped with Apple TV. To watch TV in the student lounge:

  1. Wake up the system by pressing on the room control panel. The TV and the room control panel will come on.
  2. Start the Apple TV by pressing Apple TV from the room control panel.
  3. When the virtual Apple TV remote appears on the control panel, use the icon that looks like three lines to activate the Apple TV app menu on the TV.
  4. The Apple TV app menu will appear on the TV screen.
  5. To navigate to the app you want to watch, use the arrow keys in the virtual TV remote to move around on the TV screen.
  6. When the app you wish to watch is highlighted, in the control panel, press the center of the virtual TV remote. Use the same buttons to navigate to on-screen options and select them. Use the same three-lined icon to go back a step.

To exit out of an app or channel, use the same three-lined icon.

To put the system in standby, tap the icon in the upper-right corner of the control panel.

Please note that the applications that are available are based on the current channel lineup from our TV plan. At this time Netflix, Hulu, etc., are not supported for this environment.

Disclaimer: Our intent is that you will use this document as a guide. While we work diligently to prepare accurate documentation, the steps we have outlined and the screen shots we have provided above will not precisely replicate each person’s experience as technology evolves and varies based on device hardware, software version, and device customizations or configurations. If this guide is inadequate for your needs, please open a support request with us and we will help you.