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How to Reset Your Password or Unlock Your Account

This document contains self-service instructions on how to reset your password and, if necessary, unlock your Active Directory account without the assistance of Desktop Support.

To reset your password, click this button:

Password Reset

Password Requirements

If you are prompted to reset your password, keep in mind that your password must be at least eight characters in length and include at least three of these four elements:


  • An uppercase letter
  • A lowercase letter
  • A number
  • A special character: ! # + = @
  • Must not have been used in the last five password cycles


IMPORTANT!  Passwords must be reset at least every 90 days but no more frequently than three days.  If you have been locked out of your account because the password expired, go to the section below entitled Unlocking Your Einstein Active Directory Account.

Unlocking Your Einstein Active Directory Account

IMPORTANT!  These self-service instructions require that you have already enrolled in Self-Service Password Reset as described in How to Enroll in Self-Service Password Reset.

An account can be locked if the password is expired or if one were to make too many failed login attempts in a short amount of time. If so, go to step 3. In the latter case, the account is locked for 30 minutes. If you do find yourself locked out of your Einstein account, you can unlock your account and reset your password. To do so:

  1. Go to https://passwordreset.microsoftonline.com/. The Get back into your account screen will appear.
  2. Enter your Einstein email address and complete the security protection field.
  3. Select Next. You’ll be asked if you wish to keep your current password and just get unlocked.
  4. Select your option and click Next. You’ll be prompted to provide two kinds of verification based on your selections during enrollment.
  5. Choose your options and follow the instructions as appropriate.
  6. If you opted to reset your password, you’ll be asked to enter and confirm the new one.
  7. You’ll be unlocked and you can continue working