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How to Use the Zoom Transcription Feature

Einstein enabled the transcription feature in Zoom. This allows you to take notes during a call as well as enable an automated transcription feature wherein Zoom will do the transcription automatically.

To enable transcription in your settings:

1. From a Zoom meeting, from the controls menu on the bottom of the screen, select the ellipsis that is labeled More; context menu will appear.

2. Select Live Transcript. Options for live transcription will appear.

Options include:

• To assign someone to type: Choose Assign a participant to type or I will type.
• To have another application do the transcription: Choose Use a 3rd-party CC service and copy the token to use in that service.
• To have Zoom do the live transcript: Choose Enable Auto-Transcription. Notice that you can also opt to have participants start it.

3. Select the option you desire. If you use Enable Auto-Transcription, the transcription will show and appear as a subtitle.
4. To stop the transcript, select Disable Auto-Transcription.

After you stop the transcription, you can see it on the side panel and save it.

During the live transcription, other options will appear in the More menu.

• To hide the subtitles on the screen: Select Hide Subtitle.
• To see the transcript: Select View Full Transcript.
• To adjust the subtitle display settings such as type size and window size: Select Subtitle Settings.


Our intent is that you will use this document as a guide. While we work diligently to prepare accurate documentation, the steps we have outlined and the screen shots we have provided above will not precisely replicate each person’s experience as technology evolves and varies based on device hardware, software version, and device customizations or configurations. If this guide is inadequate for your needs, please open a support request with us and we will help you.