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How to Access and Use OneDrive

OneDrive is the personal cloud storage facility from Microsoft available with Office 365. 1 TB of storage space is available to store all your files. Use any workstation or mobile device to work on these files and files update on all devices. This article outlines how to setup, access, and use OneDrive.

Steps to Install OneDrive:

  1. Access Outlook mail using outlook.office.com/mail/.
  2. Login with your Montefiore AD credentials.
  3. Select the Apps launcher located on the top left corner of the Outlook screen.
  4. Select OneDrive.
  5. Follow prompts to complete installation.

Steps to Access OneDrive:

  1. Select the Apps launcher in Outlook mail and select OneDrive.
  2. You can upload files or folders to OneDrive or set up file synchronization from your PC or mobile devices. To upload:
    •  Select Upload from the top of the OneDrive screen.
    • Select Files or Folders as required.
    • Choose the file or folder located in your PC or mobile device to upload and Select Open.

Steps to Set Up OneDrive Sync:

  1. Select Sync located at the top of the OneDrive screen.
  2.  Select Sync now. The OneDrive window will appear.
  3. Select Open Microsoft OneDrive.
  4. Select Sign in to set up OneDrive on your PC.
  5. Enter your Montefiore login credentials
  6. A OneDrive folder is created on your PC to mirror the OneDrive in the cloud and the location of the folder in your PC is displayed.
  7. Select Next.
  8. Select the files and folders for synchronization. By default, all files and folders from OneDrive are selected.
  9. Select Next.
  10. You can drag and drop, move, or add files or folders into the OneDrive folder on your PC.
  11. Select Next.
  12. You can share your files with people to view or edit.
  13. Select Next.
  14. Select Later.
  15. To access your local copy, select Open my OneDrive – Montefiore Medicine folder.
  16. The OneDrive folder on your PC will open.

You can access the files and folders OneDrive folder in your PC and work. Files open in edit-mode by default. Any changes made to a file is auto-saved and synchronized with OneDrive on cloud. For more information on OneDrive: https://support.office.com/en-us/onedrive.


Our intent is that you will use this document as a guide. While we work diligently to prepare accurate documentation, the steps we have outlined and the screen shots we have provided above will not precisely replicate each person’s experience as technology evolves and varies based on device hardware, software version, and device customizations or configurations. If this guide is inadequate for your needs, please open a support request with us and we will help you.