• You will continue to receive mail sent to you org address indefinitely.
  • This rollout affects only those accounts that have a primary address of
  • Please email questions to:
  • In the event of a crisis, call the Service Desk 24/7 at 914.881.4554.

Email Client Applications

Outlook Online (also known as Webmail, formerly known as OWA)

To access mail using a web browser, use the link (Update any bookmarks you may have accordingly.) When prompted to sign in, use your address and your Montefiore Active Directory password.

Outlook for Android, Outlook for MacOS, & Apple Mail for MacOS

There will be no effect on these email client applications.

Apple Mail/Calendar/Contacts for iOS (iPhone & iPad)

After the rollout, you will see one of the following behaviors in which your device requests that you enter your Montefiore Active Directory password.

Option A:
When you open mail, you may receive a “Cannot Get Mail” prompt.

Option B:
When using your device, you may receive a “Enter the password for the Exchange account” prompt.

  1. Click either OK or Edit Settings.
  2. From the main screen, choose Settings=>Mail=>Accounts, Montefiore account.
  3. Choose Re-enter Password.
  4. Enter your Montefiore Active Directory password.
  5. Mail, Calendar, and Contacts will work as before. It will take several minutes for data to re-fresh.

Outlook for iOS (iPhone & iPad)

If you are using the Outlook app on your iOS device:

  1. You will receive a “Misconfiguration Alert” prompt.
  2. Do not un-enroll your device!
  3. Close and restart the Outlook app.
  4. Outlook will work as before.

Outlook for Windows

Outlook will prompt to quit and restart the application.

The email account label in the top left corner of Outlook, above the mailbox folders, may remain for several days. This does not affect your address or in-/out-bound email function. Everything will work correctly. The application will update on its own.


When prompted with one of the following screens to sign into an application, use your address and your Montefiore Active Directory password.

If you are prompted with a screen that is pre-populated with your address, click the left (go back) arrow to change your address to

Adobe Creative Cloud

Your Adobe Creative Cloud account is now associated with your address. Use your address and your Montefiore Active Directory password to sign into Adobe Creative Cloud apps such as Acrobat, Photoshop, and Illustrator.


You may be prompted to log out of and re-authenticate with your address.


Egencia will send you an email alerting you to your username change.  On your next login, use your new email address. Your password remains the same.


MathWorks is unable to update MATLAB accounts email addresses. MATLAB will continue to work as it did before. To update your address:

  1. Go to
  2. Log into your MathWorks Account.
  3. After you are logged in, click on your name in the top right and select My Account.
  4. Click on Profile on the left and select Edit Profile.
  5. On this page you can edit your MathWorks Account Contact information.
  6. After making the changes, click Update.

Contact MathWorks Customer Support with any questions.

Office 365 Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Installed in MacOS or Windows)

Office 365 will work without interruption. The software will eventually request that you sign in again (this may take several days). After the rollout, you may pre-emptively enter your new address:

  1. From any Office 365 application such as Word or Excel, go to File=>Account=> Sign In.
  2. Select Sign In.
  3. Enter your new address and your Montefiore Active Directory password.

Poll Everywhere

Users of Poll Everywhere must manually update their email addresses. To do so:

  1. Sign into your account at
  2. At the bottom, left of the screen, click on the Profile icon.
  3. On the Personal Info page, select the Change option located on the at the end of your email address.
  4. The Update Email screen will appear.
  5. Enter your new email address and click Save. Password should be left blank.

OneDrive, OneNote, and SharePoint Links

Shared links to documents in OneDrive, OneNote, and SharePoint that were shared before the rollout of email will not work. One must share a new link or have the recipient follow the steps below, only one time per link.

  1. Open and sign into Office Online ( and open the application in which there is a broken link (in the example, we are using OneNote.)
  2. If clicking on a link yields a “404” error like this:
  3. Select “org” in the browser URL, replace with “edu”, and press return.
  4. The link will open.


Zoom will send you an email confirming that your account address has been updated. All your upcoming meeting invitations and recordings will be preserved, without changes.

To use Zoom using a web browser, visit To use Zoom using an application installed on your computer, sign in with your address as follows.

  1. Open the Zoom application. You’ll be prompted to sign in.
  2. You must select SSO, for single sign-on
  3. Enter your address and select Next.
  4. Enter your Montefiore Active Directory password and select Sign In.
  5. Zoom will open and you will be ready to meet.

If you are in a Zoom meeting during the rollout, there will be no disruption to your meeting.

If you have the Zoom application on your computer open during the rollout and you are not in a meeting, you’ll get a popup that Zoom closed, and you must sign in again as described below.

If you sign into Zoom from the website, the site will prompt you to enter a company domain. Our company domain is “einsteinmed”

Partial List of Other Applications & Websites Tested

In addition to the applications above, we have extensively tested the applications and websites below. Also, we will update your email address in the applications or sites below, except where noted. This is a listing of the most common applications and websites in our community, there are over 40 more that we have tested. If you have a question about an unlisted application, email us at:

Adobe Creative Cloud^
Druva inSync^
ePro Shopper Account*
Faculty Records*
Ingenuity IPA*^
Learning Network^
Linkedin Learning^
Microsoft/Office 365^
Poll Everywhere*#
Readcube Papers^
SafeColleges Vector^
Starfish Helix^

* These are applications or sites whose password are not linked to Montefiore Active Directory. Use whatever password you selected or were provided to sign in.

^ These applications will use your new email address as your sign in username after the rollout.

# These applications will use your email address as your sign in username after the rollout. Information Technology cannot update your account username or email. You will receive mail at indefinitely. (Contact the manufacturer for assistance with updating your address.)

Updating Your NIH eRA Commons Address

Information Technology cannot update eRA Commons addresses. Messages that the NIH sends to your address will be delivered to your inbox indefinitely. Continue to use the same sign in username and password as you had before.  After the rollout, you may contact the Office of Grant Support for assistance or use these steps to update your address independently.

  1. Sign into eRA Commons at
  2. Select Personal Profile.
  3. Select Edit adjacent to Name and ID.
  4. Replace your email address. If you opt to replace other email addresses, you should accept the pop-up prompt to Save Confirmation.
  5. Select Save All.
  6. NIH will send you an email confirmation of your address change that looks like this, below. NIH will send the message to both the old and the new address, which is why in the example here, the recipient is listed twice.